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Is Food Really What it’s All About?

I am an inquisitive person. I genuinely like to know what people are thinking and what makes them tick.

Because of my natural curiosity, I often ask fellow Keto dieters, "Do you think you are missing out being on Keto?"

New-to-Keto people usually say yes. They ask "How can I enjoy my vacation, celebration, or holidays?"

When I dig in deeper and ask them what they are missing out on, the words that come out actually sound quite hollow. Is a birthday celebration really about the cake, or is it about being together with family and friends and having a special time? Is Thanksgiving dinner really about the stuffing, or is it about the special bond you have with your family and the feelings around tradition?

We have been brainwashed into thinking that it's the food that makes these occasions special. But it's not the food-- it's the people, the activities, the traditions, and the memories that make these events so meaningful!

It's really so easy to eat Keto and still be a part of all of the festivities. I am not saying you will always stay in ketosis (that takes a lot of fat), but just switching to a low-carb lifestyle for special occasions or holidays will still be very good for your health. We have to stop thinking that it's okay to continually spike our blood sugar: it's not what our body was meant to do, and it's just not healthy.

Yesterday, I attended three birthday parties. One was a family party where we celebrated six summer birthdays at one particular event. I brought coleslaw made with full-fat avocado mayo and Stevia, as well as my Keto Quickie Potato Salad (made with cooked cauliflower instead of potatoes). The main course was hamburgers, so I had a patty without the bun. To boost healthy fats, I added some MCT oil into my faux-potato salad. For the next two parties, I brought pork rinds and a homemade dip. I drank vodka with water to keep my carbs low.

Guess what? The only things I couldn't eat were the hamburger bun, potato chips, and the dessert (I brought chocolate fat bombs for myself). Did I have any less of a good time? No, I had a wonderful time. I ate around the carb-y food that was offered and had a wonderful time at all of these celebrations. The food made no difference whatsoever to how much I enjoyed myself.

I think that when we really look at the connection between food and happiness, it becomes undeniable that food is never what makes us happy anyway. Food just happened to be there when we were enjoying good times (and for a lot of us, consoled us when we had bad times).

So now we are just bringing new guests to the party! These guys are super fun, love to have a good time, and guess what? I think you may find that the people around you may just love them too if they are willing to give them a shot.

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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