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How I prepare for Longer Fasts

💗 Motivational Monday

October 4, 2021

How I Prepare for Longer Fasts

Our 7 Day Alternate Day Fasting Challenge starts on October 11th.  If you’re doing an ADF, that’s anywhere from 42 – 48 hours between meals (info on this challenge is pinned in Announcements).

I’ll tell you what I do to get myself ready... mentally and physically.


Knowing I have an extended fast coming up, I plan out projects that will keep me busy.  The worst thing during extended fasts is BOREDOM!  My fave projects are cleaning and organizing, because I love doing it!  Projects like this keep me so busy that I have no time to think about food.  I also find that watching tv triggers me (every time I see a DQ commercial OMG) so I try to only watch recorded shows so I can fast forward the commercials.


I set myself up for success by keeping my body moving.  Projects like I mentioned above, but also a couple of walks a day, a gym session or doing errands.  Being idol is the biggest sabotager when it comes to longer fasts.

How do you prepare for longer fasts?

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare