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Intentionally Bare Blog

Hello, did you say Keto?

Is it just me, or is it literally impossible to NOT talk about Keto to someone almost every day (usually unsuspecting strangers in the grocery line)? I honestly don't think I can get through one day without talking to someone about it.

When something has changed my life as much as keto has, I cannot help but talk about it. My kids say I’m in a "keto cult" or "oh Mom, really? Keto again?"… but I know they are secretly proud of me and happy for my improved health.

I was in a decor store over the weekend and as I was paying, the manager was nearby and she was offering chocolates to people as they finished paying for their purchases. She offered and I declined, and said "I'm on keto, don't want to waste the carbs on that" and she says "I've heard of keto, but not really sure how you do it"... oh boy...

There was nothing I could do... I have a moral obligation!

Of course I had to tell her about all of the health benefits of not spiking her blood sugar countless times per day, how her body will start to run on fat and not glucose (so the extra weight she is carrying will start to disappear), how it will improve her diabetes and her cravings for sugar… oh my… there was a line up behind me and some of them where listening too!

So 15 minutes later I think she got the jist of it and was pretty excited to try it.

I think we owe it to the people around us to share what we know, at least so they can do their own research and see if this way of eating might be a good fit for them.

I am very surprised how many people I come across that have never heard of keto. I know I’m a keto geek, but what?!? Never HEARD of keto??? Well I guess that’s like someone in the "Rare Stamp Club" that goes ‘What?!? You haven’t heard of the Treskilling?!?

So it’s all relative I guess. I am hoping that as time goes on, more and more people will learn that keto is not a fad diet… it’s one of the healthiest diets I know. Years ago I went gluten free since I was having so many issues with gluten. I did feel much better (one of the worst symptoms was flaming heartburn), but I still had inflammation, a weight problem, high blood sugar and low energy. All of that changed once I started eating keto.

THAT is why I must talk about it… if others can feel as good as I do at 51 years old, I must share. I talk about it so much, I started a Facebook group to talk about keto. You should join me there!

I hope you share your keto successes with other too (don’t leave me hanging in this "keto cult"!)

You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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