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Getting Back to Keto After a Break

Wow, what a crazy roller coaster ride 2020 has been! It’s been crazy, that’s for sure!

But things seem to be slowing down a bit now. In many places, new cases of Covid-19 are dwindling. People are returning to their workplaces, and things are slowly starting to start the march back to ‘normal.’ While I don’t doubt that many things will change as a result of this pandemic, I am looking forward to a time when we can go say hi to the neighbors or see a concert in the park.

Since we first began isolating, I’ve advocated for people to remain keto. I feel like the keto diet supports your health, and having good eating habits in place can make it easier to deal with anxiety and boredom. But for many people, remaining keto has been tricky. There were food shortages in some areas, meaning you may have had literally no choice but to eat non-keto foods. Some people were working a lot and were in situations where all they could do was grab a slice of pizza in between patients or deliveries. And for some people, anxiety, insecurity, or feeling overwhelmed may have made it difficult to do things like cook healthy meals.

I understand all of that. For some of us, just existing day-to-day during the craziness of 2020 has been a struggle. The truth is, we all have different self-preservation or coping skills. I don’t fault you for utilizing what you had left in your toolbox to deal with all of this.

But now you may have decided that it’s time to get back to the keto diet. I think that’s great! We’re hearing less about food shortages, and most countries are taking care of their unemployed/underemployed workers. Those of you with kids who are distance learning have figured out what works for you, and I think most people are kind of set in their new standard for normal. Over the coming weeks, that may change even more, but probably nothing as abrupt as what happened earlier this year. For many people that fell (or jumped) off the wagon, it’s time to get back on.

I’ve put together some tips to help you get back to keto after a break.

Don’t Punish Yourself

I’ve listed this one first because it’s the single most important factor in your future keto success. While I strongly believe that anyone who could have, should have, maintained their keto lifestyle, I know it just wasn’t possible for some people. You may be feeling guilty about that.

I want you to stop that right now.

I don’t care why you stopped. Neither does anyone else. Punishing yourself for not following a specific eating plan while there was a global emergency going on is not going to help you do better in the future. It’s going to do nothing except make you feel crappy. It serves no purpose.

Forgive yourself and then forget what happened. Your better life starts today.

Beware the Keto Flu

If you’ve been eating carbs for a while, you will probably have to go through the keto flu again. At least this time, you know what to expect. Stock up on pickles and Intentionally Bare BHB Powder for electrolytes and energy while you adjust. If you’re still working a crazy schedule, make sure that you pack plenty of supplies for your day. If you’re able to, try to schedule a nap.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

For the first few weeks back on the keto diet, remember that we’re still in a time of…well, weirdness. It’s not quite right yet. Make your goals small, and take little bites out of them every day. If you start the keto diet this week, maybe wait two-four weeks before you start a high-intensity exercise program. Take simple lunches to work instead of trying to meal prep a bunch of meals right away. If you try to do too much, you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed again.

Phone A Friend

Okay, this isn’t the Millionaire show. But support is an important part of success when you’re changing your lifestyle; even more so when we have so much extra stuff going on. If you have a group of friends to walk with or someone to vent to when you’re frustrated about weight loss, you have a much better chance of success. My Intentionally Bare Facebook group is a great place to share your successes and get support when you struggle. You can join 18,000 other people who are also following the keto lifestyle.

Even if you took a break from keto due to all of the craziness we’ve experienced in 2020, now is the perfect time to get back in the groove. I look forward to hearing about your success!

You got this!


~ Intentionally Bare


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