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Forgive yourself then ~ forgive yourself now

If you could go back in time and tell your pre-keto self the difference between regular dieting and keto… what would you say?

If you could say to your old self ‘hey, it wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t lose the weight or stick to that ‘diet’, would you?

If you can come up with some things to say to your pre-keto self, then you can say the same nice things to your current keto self. Those times when you veer off or the scale isn’t moving.

You know how when you meet someone that is mildly interested in ‘this keto thing’ and your face lights up and you have to tell them how great keto is? That is exactly how you need to talk to yourself anytime you are feeling down with regard to your keto plan, weight loss, etc.

We need to forgive our pre-keto selves, and we need to forgive and be kind to our current keto-selves. We are all human and there is no ‘perfect keto,’ no matter what some may say. Losing weight and getting healthy is not just a ‘count your macros’ thing; it’s mental and it’s emotional. It’s also never going to feel the same week to week.

It’s easy to feel on top of the world when we are rocking our keto (hey, those ketones are euphoric right?), but it’s what we say to ourselves when we are not ‘getting high from our own supply’ that is really going to make the difference between keto being a temporary thing or a lifestyle thing. I have been keto for two years now and I know 100% it’s a lifestyle thing for me… keto forever.

Forgive yourself if you were not perfect then… and especially if you are not perfect now… none of us are.

There are going to be days when it’s harder to forgive yourself than others. We’ve all been there. Need someone to remind you that it’s going to be okay even on the hard days? Then my Facebook group is perfect for you. You can join thousands of other people on their keto journey. Get inspired, feel welcomed, and get some much-needed support. We’re here for you!

You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare


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