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Excuses, Excuses


Think about this: What happens when we (and I'm including myself here, too) blame others instead of taking responsibility for our own words or actions?

Where does that get us?

When we blame others, we don't learn from experience. We cheat ourselves out of life lessons, and out of the chance for self-improvement. It's lazy - like we're giving ourselves an excuse not to become better people.

How does this relate to our health and our diets?

I've heard a lot of excuses since beginning my Keto journey. Here are a few things that other people have told me:

"But my doctor said . . . "
"When I was growing up, we ate like this."
"My husband/wife/partner/family won't eat Keto."
"My job/commute/schedule makes it hard to stick to Keto."
"I just want to enjoy my vacation/celebration/holiday . . . "
"What can I even eat?! This diet doesn't give me many options!"
Here are some responses I have given them:

Does your doctor have a lot of experience or training in nutrition? Most doctors are either general practitioners, meaning they know a bit about a lot of different things that they are likely to run into every day, or they are specialists, meaning that they know a lot about only one particular subject. Very few doctors do know much about keto. Keto is safe for almost everyone (except for people who have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions).

We all grew up eating a certain way, so what? We didn't text when we were kids either, but we do now! You should learn from the old ways, taking what's good and leaving what's bad.

Someone else's diet is not your problem. If your family doesn't want to eat Keto, it's effortless to adapt the recipes for non-keto dieters. (Psst! It's also possible to sneak some keto-friendly recipes into the diets of even the pickiest eaters without them noticing!) In fact, in my Facebook group, we talk about this on a regular basis!

Everyone is super busy today! You get what you give: are you making an effort? Planning ahead can make all the difference! With a little foresight (and meal prep), you'll discover that Keto can actually save you time!

We all just want to enjoy life! Why do you need carbs or sugar to enjoy yourself? Are the celebrations about the food or the people? Once you stop thinking about food, you'll enjoy yourself more!

The question should be "what can't you eat?" Keto is simple: take out sugar and high carb foods, eat moderate amounts of protein, and increase your intake of healthy fats. There are so many amazing Keto-friendly foods--you have tons of options! Look for recipes and ideas on Pinterest! There is a ton of info out there.


My point is that when we rely on excuses, all we do is delay our own progress. Stop getting in your own way! Make a commitment to better health today.

Ironically, once you start eating this way all the time, those excuses will melt away. Soon you will wonder why you ever thought of them in the first place.

Have you decided that it's time to stop the excuses? I would love to support you on your journey! Follow me on Facebook for more!


You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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