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Don’t Blame Keto for What the Carbs did!

Not being honest about our carb consumption (or how many ‘one and done’s we’ve had) might make us blame keto for the lack of results. The truth is, carbs matter. What else matters is are we actually tracking? Are we metabolically challenged? Are we menopausal? These things make it much harder to get back into the zone as fast as people not in these categories.

Each person’s tolerance to carbs is unique… figuring out how your body responds to carbs (one and done, big long binge or daily higher carb intake) makes a HUGE difference on losing fat. If you are doing keto right, keto works. If you take liberties, especially with carbs… it just makes keto’s job harder.

Are you conveniently ‘carb blind?’

I admit that I can be VERY carb blind. What is ‘carb blind’? It’s not tracking carbs, pretending what we’re eating is much lower in carbs than they are, or conveniently eating some carbs long after the macro tracker is done for the day.

Different strokes for different folks...

Depending on how your body responds to carbs is going to be the determining factor on how long it takes to get back on track. What happens in one body does NOT happen for ALL bodies!

🔹 Metabolically Challenged

Pre-diabetic, diabetic, insulin resistant, underactive thyroid or dieted for most of our lives (lowered our metabolisms). When you’re in this category the turn around time to get back to lowering glucose, getting into ketosis and burning fat as fuel takes waaaaaaay longer. Each person is different, but me for example... I take about 3 – 7 days, depending if I do regular keto or jump into extended fasting.

🔹 Menopause Years

It becomes a lot more challenging to lose fat during the perimenopause/menopause years. Not fair, but that’s a fact. During these years blood sugar is naturally higher and the body naturally loses muscle unless you get enough protein and do weight bearing exercises. It’s a ‘lose lose’ for fat loss if you don’t do these things.

🔹 Lazy & Lovin’ it

Lazy keto is great for ‘ease’ but it doesn’t give you an accurate measure of your fat, protein and carb macros. If you fall into this category, at least do a 1 week ‘macro tracking check in’ once a month to keep you on track. This is why I run our 7 Day Macro Tracking Challenge in this group once a month [See the Group Events Calendar in Announcements for upcoming challenge info]


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👉 Are you honest about your carb intake or are you ‘carb blind’? 👇

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