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Intentionally Bare Blog

Do You Savor Meal Time?

Do you eat slowly and savor your meals?  If you usually eat on the go, are distracted or in a hurry, it’s time to change that habit!

🔹 Brain Registry

Gobbling down your food doesn’t give your brain time to register how much you’re eating, and makes it easier to over-eat.  Eating watching tv is also a slippery slope… it’s SO easy to over-eat as we don’t even remember what/how much we ate because we’re so engrossed in what we’re watching!

🔹 Bloating

Eating too fast can cause bloating because we’re not chewing our food well.  The longer we chew our food, the easier it is for out body to digest it and utilize all the nutrients in the food.

🔹 Make it special!

Even if you’re eating alone, even if it’s left overs… make your meal special!  Set a nice place at the table, or eat outside enjoying a lovely weather evening.  Pick some flowers and set them by where you’re eating.  Light a candle.  Play some nice music… pour yourself a glass of water in a nice glass and add a slice of lemon.

If you’re eating with a special person or a group, really enjoy your conversations.  It’s such a special time to connect with yourself, your partner or other people.

Meals are a special, sacred time to slow down and nourish your body and spirit.  Linger, savor, pay attention and enjoy every bite ♥️

Do you take your time when you eat?  Do you make mealtime special? If so, how do you do it? 👇