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Do you have to be in Ketosis to 'be' Keto?

Being in ketosis is optimal when you are doing Keto. However, you can still reap the benefits of this lifestyle without always being "in" ketosis. Most people, myself included, go in and out of ketosis regularly.

The benefits of being in ketosis are faster weight loss and high energy because the body is using fat as fuel: both the fat we eat and the fat we store.

We can pop ourselves out of ketosis by eating too many carbs, too much protein, or not enough fat.

If you really want to know if you are in ketosis or not, I cannot stress highly enough how vital a blood ketosis meter is. The keto strips are not accurate once you are fat-adapted, so you'll think you are not in ketosis when you actually are. The brand I have is called "Precision Dual," and it can test for ketones and blood glucose (you choose one or the other by which test strip you insert). This is more accurate than urine strips or breathalyzers.

Not that you need to test every day, but when you are wondering if you are getting into ketosis or not--there is nothing better than this.

Here are some signs that you're in ketosis. Most are only temporary: once you have been fat-adapted for a while, these symptoms go away (thank goodness!):

  • Decreased appetite
  • Bad breath (temporary)
  • Body odor, or "B.O." (temporary--thank goodness!)
  • Increased ketones in the blood
  • Short-term fatigue

These symptoms are followed by:

  • Increased focus (less "brain fog") and energy
  • Weight loss
  • Digestive changes such as constipation, diarrhea, etc. (temporary)
  • Insomnia (temporary)
  • Strong-smelling urine (goes away if you drink enough water)

Try testing yourself for ketosis. Testing really helps you see the connection between how you eat and your readings. If you are trying to reach your goal and are not getting there, testing can really help you.

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You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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