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Do Calories Really Matter?

Have you heard of Calorie Cycling? I first heard of it when I was researching body building.  From there, I went down the Calorie Cycling rabbit hole.  I discovered that Calorie Cycling helps with weight loss, hormone balancing and it really helps promote our ‘happiness factor’.  Also, Calorie Cycling DOES NOT lower our metabolism.  

Did you know that when you stay within a consistent calorie deficit for a long period of time, you can actually hurt your body and cause it to be out of balance?  Your body gets used to these calories and becomes super efficient in using them, which can lower your metabolism. 

So, should we be eating the same calories every day or mixing it up?  What works best? Do calories even matter when doing Keto? What are the different theories out there?  What are some options for you to test on yourself to see how your body responds? 

Check out my full Coffee with Leta on Calorie Cycling HERE to learn more! (Also, I provided some links on my favorite calorie tools in the description.  Be sure to check those out.)

❗️ DISCLAIMER:  Health information given here is based on public research and is not meant to take the place of your doctor's advice. Always do your own research and discuss it with your health practitioner before trying a new diet, supplement or exercise plan.


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