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Intentionally Bare Blog

Creating the ‘You’ Plan

Do you ever hear about an eating/health plan and think ‘oh, if I just did that EXACTLY I would lose so much weight/get healthy’?  But then you do the plan and part way into the plan you’re like ABORT, ABORT!?!

That’s because it was someone else’s plan, not yours. 

Trying out different ideas is awesome, we are researchers and we should be testing to see what works, feels good, and is do-able.  But this is the key... what can you live with?

🔹 What can you live with pretty much daily?

If you’re looking for sustainability, you need to create a plan that you can actually live with daily.  Making a plan that’s too strict can make us feel like a failure if we don’t follow through.

🔹 Make yourself a priority

You know what they say about the oxygen mask on the airplane (put yours on first and then help others).  You’re not going to be there for others if you don’t take care of yourself.  One example is taking the time to plan out your meals for the week, how you can tweek them to suit your dietary needs but also give your family what they enjoy 😊

🔹 Plan for socializing

It’s not ‘if’ you’re going to eat outside of the home, it’s ‘when’.  Don’t look at socializing as something you have to get around... plan for it!  For example, when I know I have a dinner to go to, I take that opportunity to do OMAD that day.  Right before I leave for the restaurant I have one of my Intentionally Bare Pro-Aging Drinks so I’m not ravenous at the restaurant.  Then when I order dinner I’m ‘pretty keto’ but hey, if I want a little baked potato I’m having it!

❓  What does your ‘you’ plan look like?  👇