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Consistent vs Restrictive

I think everyone can relate to going ‘all in’ on something that was so restrictive/strict that you couldn’t do it for very long.  Or you hung in there, but when it was over you celebrated face first in a bag of Doritos (#truestory).

The only time being very restrictive/strict works is if you know it’s only temporary, and you have a ‘when it’s over’ plan so you don’t go off the deep end with cravings.

Other than that, striving to be that restrictive only causes us to want more of what we’re not getting, and most likely we’re not even getting enough crucial macros and nutrients (if followed long term).

🔹 Happiness factor

If you’re looking for consistency, you need to create a plan that you can actually live with daily.  White knuckling it everyday SUCKS.  Making sure we consider the ‘happiness factor’ is so important and it will keep us going.

🔹 Not now, later

I practice something called ‘not now, later’.  If there’s something I really want and it doesn’t fit into my plan that day, I set it aside and tell myself that on X day I can have some if I want some. Ie:  I may wait until I’m doing an OMAD day or a very low carb day so that I have more wiggle room for carbs/calories.  I’m not saying ‘I can never ever have that thing’ (which will make me want to binge eat it that minute)...  I’m saying ‘now isn’t a good time, but I can have it another time if I wish’.  This trick works surprisingly well 😊

🔹 Keto police

If you live your life Paleo, Keto, grain free, dairy free, additive free most of the time... that’s awesome!  Most of us have something we’re stiving for that makes us feel healthier and more energetic.  But if you want to have something that doesn’t fit into that box once in awhile, you’re not a bad person or someone who can’t stick to something.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.  You know what you do 80% of the time.  Enjoy the 20% how you like and don’t allow you or anyone else to make you feel guilty.  But remember, ONE & DONE!

❓  Do you restrict yourself so much that you go off the deep end a little too often?  👇


You got this!

💗 Leta

~ Intentionally Bare