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Are You Being Honest about Carbs?

Plateauing is something that happens naturally with weight loss. It can happen for a variety of reasons. When I plateau on Keto, I ask myself one question: "Am I being honest about my carbs?"

I've recently realized that I'm not always.  I don't think you should be 100 percent Keto compliant (I personally do lazy Keto most of the time, which just means not tracking), but you should keep a realistic idea of your carb intake.

It's true that some people have additional issues. Are you insulin-resistant? Have you dieted a lot in your life? Are you pre-diabetic, diabetic, or hypoglycemic (have low blood sugar)? These conditions make getting into ketosis hard.

However, each time a person with no health complications "splurges" with a carb binge, it takes days to get back to where they were. It can take even longer if you have one of the conditions I mentioned!

The last time I plateaued, I took a long look at my diet. For the most part, I am steady Eddie-- Keto all the way! However, I must admit, I am a binger with food (or *cough* alcohol). I will be 100 percent Keto for a long stretch but then will have a weekend or even just a day when I'll go way over my carbs. Then when I get back on track with Keto, I'm amazed that I am not in ketosis within twenty-four hours! Do you ever do this?

It takes a while to get back to where you were before your little binge. Usually, it takes three days or more for most people, and it can take over seven days if you have any insulin issues. This is why cheat days can be so difficult for some people, while for others they hardly cause a problem!

However, maybe you're not a binger. Maybe you tracked your macros on a daily basis but forgot about that extra carb-y thing you wanted? And many people who do lazy Keto have days where anything goes!

I personally think it's okay to splurge here and there. We all have lives, and we need to enjoy them. We also need to be honest with ourselves about the real reason we're not shedding pounds, or why the ketosis numbers aren't in the sweet spot.

Let's not blame Keto for what carbs did!

When you’re trying to get back into keto after a cheat day, you may find that a few days of intermittent fasting (18:6, 20:4, or 23:1) get you back into ketosis sooner. Another way to help is to use bone broth (Amazon US | Amazon CA) for two meals, and then a regular keto meal in the early evening.

You got this! 
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

P.S., Good news! Carbs naturally cause water retention (and inflammation in some people), so your weight gain may just be retained water. It's usually not as bad as it appears, you just need to stay the course! Need more advice about Keto? Follow Intentionally Bare on Facebook for tips and tricks to make your keto journey more successful!

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