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Are you all or nothing?

In my personal and business life, I like to set goals. I take those goals and break them down into digestible pieces. I schedule myself so that I can achieve these goals in a balanced, fun, and reasonably paced way. I really try to live my life with intention and purposely plan my life this way.

That said, sometimes I get an 'ah-ha' moment of inspiration, and I run with it! Full of excitement, no one can stop me when I have a great idea! But generally speaking, it's the thought, planning, and daily execution that pushes me to be better as a person, as an entrepreneur, and to improve my health. What I do every day creates my tomorrow.

I was thinking about how this is really similar to keto and the ways we are working to improve our health. Sometimes we have that 'burst of inspiration,' and we want to run a marathon, join a boot camp or start a fasting/cleanse program. But what creates change is what we do day in, and day out. It's our daily practice that moves us towards our goals.

I also feel that having a flexible eating plan is critical to our happiness. Yes, following meal plans to a 'T' will probably give us good results, but part of the reason we got to where we were was from trying bad diet after bad diet and feeling like failures when we 'blew it.' The keto 'lifestyle' is so flexible! Eat what you want to your macros, do intermittent fasting, track, don't track, do lazy keto while on vacay? These are all ways you can mix your keto up and feel like YOU are in control while moving forward with your goals.

The same can be said for when we take a step backward. That is a short moment in time; it doesn't take away all the good you did leading up to this point. Keto is SO forgiving. Three days back in the saddle and you're rockin' and rollin' again.

Are you an 'all or nothing' person? Do you feel like you've blown it if you don’t follow your keto plan one day or more? Is it enough to derail you, or do you realize that it was a short moment in time and move on?

I think having a basic plan and having goals will help us envision what we want to achieve, but being able to do it in a flexible way, and not beating ourselves up if we veer off, is what is going to keep keto as a 'lifestyle' and not let it go like all those bad diets we've tried before. It sure doesn't hurt that we feel SO amazing while we're doing this hey?

Do you need help putting together a keto plan that works for you and your lifestyle? Then stop by my Facebook group where you’ll find all the free support you need! 


You got this!

Leta ~ Intentionally Bare


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