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5 Tips for Transitioning to a Keto Lifestyle Without Breaking the Bank

When you’re reading about the keto diet, it seems like it’s very expensive to get switched over to the lifestyle. After all, many people, especially those in families, use starchy vegetables like potatoes or carb-filled yummies like bread to help fill up always-hungry children. Having gone through the “teen years” phase of life myself, I can understand where you’re coming from. However, transitioning to keto doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are five tips to help you make the transition without breaking the bank.

1. Start Off Slow

One of the most common things that I hear about starting keto is, “But I have all of this other food at my house; I can’t afford to let it go to waste!” I get that. So instead of jumping headfirst into keto, proceed at a slower rate. Plan meals that use up the food you will be omitting once you’re all in for keto. For the first several days, keep track of how many carbs you consume on a regular day. You’re probably going to be surprised at the carb counts of some of your favorite foods (My biggest bummer? Tortillas! They’re a whopping 15 carbs apiece; more than a slice of white bread). Once you’ve got a good average from at least three days, plan to cut your carbs in half the next week. You can go down accordingly over the next few weeks, which will not only stop you from wasting food you’ve already purchased, but will also make your keto flu not quite as intense. Definite "last days" for your favorite food. A friend had her last cup of hot, sweet, Earl Grey tea while she watched the sunrise on a quiet Sunday morning.

2. Don’t Focus on Salads

Many people jump into keto with salads. They are a great way to get your carbs while consuming vegetables; that’s important on keto. However, they’re an expensive addition to your shopping bill if you weren’t already buying them. Plan a couple of salad meals without focusing too heavily on them.

3. Use Eggs, Ground Beef, and Tuna

Eggs, ground beef, and tuna are some of the staples of the keto diet. You won’t want to eat them forever, but they are great for getting through those first weeks. A single package of bacon will get you through the week if you eat a slice or two per day. Ground beef makes great hamburger patties, taco meat, stuffing for green peppers, the meat portion in crack slaw, etc. Deviled eggs or egg salad make a good snack, and they're excellent for increasing your fat intake.

4. Use Bone Broth

The Bone Broth Protein Powder I manufacture gives you 20g’s of protein per serving, plus vitamins, minerals, 3 types of collagen and 19 amino acids. It is approximately $1.50 per serving. That is a very good value for your protein buck! I find it so helpful to get my quality protein macros in, and it’s a real time saver too. Mine is made from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows in the US (US | CAN). Homemade bone broth (not much in the way of protein, but super good for you) is another cost-effective keto beverage. You can make your own bone broth by following the recipe in my Facebook group.

5. Browse Pinterest

There are literally thousands of keto recipes on Pinterest. There are many that allow you to take advantage of seasonal vegetables and cuts of meat so that you can enjoy sales. You can even plant a small garden for your favorite keto-friendly produce with instructions that you find on Pinterest. By following recipes you find there, you will be able to make that transformation into full keto without spending a bunch of money. Start off with my boards; I’ve already put together tons of recipes for you!

Keto does have some fairly simple rules. But within those rules, you can experiment and find a way to make meals that work for you! You don’t need to substantially increase your grocery budget every week, especially if you have the room to stock up on your favorites when they go on sale. Keto can be done with some very basic food choices that keep things simple and inexpensive!

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You got this!
Leta ~ Intentionally Bare

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