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3 Ways to Make You Feel Special (that doesn’t include food)

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and what better time to talk about treating ourselves right!  I don’t think we should leave this up to someone else to do for us.  Some people are on their own, and even if you aren’t… it’s always important that we do things for ourselves that make us feel special!  Let’s try this in a way that doesn’t involve food… which can be hard, especially at this time of year!

🔹 Project ‘happy’

Is there a project you could work on that would make you happy?  For example:  cleaning out a room/cupboard that’s been bothering you, redecorating a room in your house, buying a new outfit for an upcoming event or planning out your garden for when spring makes an appearance.  Doing things that make us happy increase our ‘happy hormones’ and just makes us feel amazing!

🔹 Date night with YOU

Starting off with nice skincare products is a great way to pamper yourself!  If you haven’t tried my Intentionally Bare Pro-Aging Skincare product line, you are in for a treat!  (all products up to 25% off until February 14th, info at the end of this blog).  After making your face feel like you went to the spa, it’s time for your bath.  The candles are lit, the bath is drawn with Epson salts and essential oils… relaxing music is playing.  Whether you are enjoying this solo or with a significant other, having a pampering night like this will make anyone feel great.  The Epson salts will infuse your body with much needed magnesium and will help you sleep like a baby!

🔹 What are you grateful for?

Thinking or writing out what you’re grateful for has been shown to release chemicals in the brain that makes us feel happier, have less anxiety and makes us feel more motivated.  I encourage you to start a Gratitude Journal and start or end your day with writing out what you are grateful for that day ♥️

What do you do for yourself that makes you feel special, that has nothing to do with food? 👇