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3 Things that Stop Fat Loss in it’s Tracks

The last 3 years I have been on, off, on, kinda on, not even close to being on etc... so it's understandable that I have not lost any weight and in fact have put on some weight. But at different stages of my life (I'm in perimenopause pretty deep here) I give myself some grace... feeling good is my #1 goal now. Sleeping well and feeling well are my top priorities now. At this time I don't feel as well when I zero calorie fast, so I have made adjustments.

It's important to really listen to your body at each stage you are at and make changes that work for you and make you feel good. I realized 3 months ago that when I drink alcohol, I don't sleep (literally). So I cut alcohol out 100% (I hope to circle back someday, lol). It's not always easy to make the changes needed to feel good, but what is more important than feeling vibrant and healthy? Being healthy is #1 and weight loss is the by-product of that.

💗 Have a heart to heart talk with yourself.  Are there things you do or don’t do that make you feel like crap?  Be really honest.

Here are just few examples and some adjustments you could make:

🔹 Food Sensitivities

Do you find when you eat certain foods you feel bloated, inflamed, have digestive issues or have low energy after?  Some of the most common offenders are wheat, grains (which includes wheat but also corn, rice, barley quinoa, etc...) and dairy.    Eating foods that don’t agree with us play havoc with our gut, it increases inflammation big time and can stall weight loss.


If you don’t feel great after having certain foods, try to eliminate them for most of the time and just have them for the odd ‘one and done’ (obviously if you are allergic to anything, never have that).

🔹 Alcohol

Not trying to be a downer here, but the simple truth is that your liver has to process this alcohol and see’s alcohol as a poison.  It must deal with the alcohol before it can assist in fat processing, so all fat loss stops until all alcohol has been filtered out.  One drink can take up to 5 days to process.  So if you’re having alcohol more than once per week, that could be why your weight loss has slowed down or stopped.  From a hormone perspective we need a fully functioning liver even more through perimenopause and if it's sluggish in any way, that contributes to high cortisol (which means weight gain, belly fat) and hormone dysregulation... things we do NOT want during this transitional time.


If you’re going through perimenopause or having some hormone/insulin issues, consider ditching the alcohol so your liver can work on the other important stuff, including fat loss.

🔹 Too Many Carbs (or too many ‘one and dones’)

Many of us have a hard time sticking to a strict keto plan, or we have too many high carb meals/treats/one & done’s.  The body never has a chance to get into fat burning mode and our insulin/blood sugar runs too high to burn fat. 😊


Think ahead about your week.  If you know you have a function on a Saturday, try to eat keto for 6 days and allow yourself to color outside the lines Saturday night.  One night isn’t going to do too much damage, but if you think ‘well I can’t be perfect all week so I may as well not bother’ you definitely won’t get ahead.  You don’t need to be perfect, but you need to give your body enough time in fat burning mode in order to lose body fat.

Are there things you know are hindering your weight loss? 👇 [Sharing helps others to feel like they are not alone]


❗️ DISCLAIMER: Health information given here is based on public research and is not meant to take the place of your doctor's advice. Always do your own research and discuss it with your health practitioner before trying a new diet, supplement, or exercise plan.